Como Conquistar um Homem



How to Conquer a Man

You probably believe, like most women, that we pay more attention to beauty, to the look. This is true in the beginning, I will not lie to you. But a man who wants to build a relationship with a woman will need something more to become her boyfriend. And that something else can come from words.

Do not you believe what I’m talking about? For I prove it! You should meet some famous MPB singers. They draw crowds with their songs, but most of them are not privileged by beauty. What they used was a good vocabulary.

And if they succeeded, so can you. Just tell us what we want to hear. So, learn from me how to seduce a man with words in a relationship.

At the time of sex

When we talk about seduction, people usually think about sex. Not quite, although the thought is not wrong. Seduction is part of sex too, but it can (and should) begin with words, as you noted in the topic above.

But, if you also want tips to seduce a man with words at the time of sex, I have some.

There’s a lot of talk on dirty talk, but it’s not everyone who enjoys the practice. If you’ve never been to bed together, how will you know if the guy wants you to talk dirty or not?

So, do not go too thirsty to the pot. You can test a few phrases, leaving the relationship warm without saying profanity. Oh, and the lights need to be on, okay? We hate sex in the dark.

Conquest for ever


– What can I do to help you?

You seduced a man in the first encounters, you had sex and a relationship. And now? This is where you need to continue to seduce a man with words (and attitudes), so that the relationship remains strong.

Many people relax when they find the ideal (maybe) partner. That is the big mistake. It is necessary to keep the flame of passion always on, so the couple stays strong and the relationship is lasting.

And it is not difficult to do this, because small sentences have a lot of effect. For example:

– I like your new shirt!

– Make love with me.

– I made dinner for us.

– Everything is fine with you?

Share A Hot Fantasy

This point is very interesting in the context in which the couple has not yet had relationships and the guy seems to see you still as a friend. Sharing, in a DISCRETE way some light fantasy, can totally change the point of view of the guy, who stops looking like a friend and comes to see you as a woman, instantly.

Help him to relax

Stress can be a great distraction that keeps you from getting into the mood. Make your favorite dinner, offer a massage, work with the aromas and ambient sound. But do not exaggerate to not get something very brazen. He may think you’ve been planning all day and the idea is to make it natural. When a man feels more relaxed, he is more likely to respond sexually.



If you already have some kind of closeness to the guy and have already rolled something between you, you can use this tactic to further spice up the relationship. Sharing some fantasy can turn his head around, and if you volunteer to help him fulfill his fantasies, the joke will look even better.

You must surprise him: The way to surprise a man is one of the secrets for you to become a more seductive woman in the eyes of the beloved. Men, for the most part, enjoy new things in bed, and it will be very effective for you to propose something new. (Just make sure it’s nothing he would not like).

Some have already collected so many frustrated attempts, that in some cases even gave up their happiness. But I would sincerely like to tell you that it does not have to be like this, not at all.

In fact, what is necessary to conquer a man is to understand his mind. That’s right, you need to understand the way he thinks, and make him identify with you, and know how to use Mental Triggers to get what you want with a Man.

Leave Shame on Side: Quite the opposite of what women think, men like women who are not ashamed to say what they feel, want, or think. Sexual intercourse is a trade-off, and it’s much better when the two actually participate.



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